My Dream World!!

Salaam everyone, how would your dream world look like?

 What colour would the sky be? What about the grass? I am going to share with you my dream world. Go and get a nice warm toasty cup of cherry hot chocolate. Sit in your comfiest chair and look out the window to the gentle drizzling rain. If you had the choice to redo the world, how would you make it? The sky would be a nice light green. The grass would be light blue. The weather would not be cold or hot, it would be quiet and pleasant. The only animals would be, birds, horses, goats, sheep, rabbits, and cats. In my dream world, we could fly. There would be beautiful fairies flying around, and best of all, no work. You would live in palaces made of gold and silver. And everything would be just perfect, you could pick your own magical power. But guess what!! All of these dreams can come true in Jannah. Our real home.  We can live in palaces. And sit on large sofas. And a tree would hang above us with unusual fruits we could eat. Now I will end with one question:     

How would your dream world look like?

Comment down bellow!!!!

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